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Titans News: Legendary Duo

NFL: NFL Draft Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

You might be thinking I’m talking about the duo of Steve McNair and Eddie George, but I’m actually talking about 2 franchises that just won their first championships in franchise history, my St. Louis Blues, and Toronto’s Raptors (I don’t care about the Raptors, but winning your first championship is pretty neat unless its the Jags or Texans).

Back to football, the long overdue retiring McNair and George’s numbers is finally happening.

Eddie George said it makes it more special that his number is being retired WITH McNair’s and not separately. I completely agree. These two guys are the reason I became a Titans fan and it is so special to see them be recognized by the organization.

Ryan Hewitt hopes to have his number retired by the Titans one day as well and he just signed a contract with the club.

Mike Vrabel says the great ones have a pep in their step. Beat other families to the front of the line for roller coasters.

AJ Brown is now under contract.

Former Titan cancer is now with the New Orleans Saints.

Adoree Jackson is flush with physical talent, and he’s trying to get his mental game to the same level.