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Share your favorite Steve McNair and Eddie George memories

Titans v Colts Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I was slammed at work yesterday afternoon so I didn’t get to chime in on the announcement that the Titans are going to retire 9 and 27. It is so awesome that Amy Adams Strunk made the decision to go ahead and get this done. It is impossible to overstate just how important McNair and George were to this franchise when they first came here.

My favorite Steve McNair memory is the 2002 game against the Giants. The Titans were down 29-21 with under a minute left. McNair found Frank Wycheck in the end zone from 9-yards out with 9 seconds left. The Titans were down 2 so they called a QB draw and McNair ran the ball into the end zone to tie the game. He then led the Titans down the field to set up the game winning field goal in overtime. McNair finished the day 30 of 43 for 334 yards and 3 touchdowns after a week where he didn’t practice because of a bruised sternum.

My favorite Eddie George memory is the 1999 playoff game against the Colts. Eddie broke off a 68 yard run early in the third quarter that basically put the game away. I will never forget when he was watching himself on the jumbotron at the RCA Dome as he ran into the end zone.

I would love to hear your favorite memories of Steve and Eddie.