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Derrick Henry is “starting over” in 2019

Tennessee Titans v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Derrick Henry isn’t looking backwards when he talks about what he wants to do in 2019. Here is part of what Henry had to say to reporters after practice on Thursday:

“Starting over. I’m not worried about last year. Last year’s in the past. Got to start over. Building with this team in OTAs and the offseason and trying to get this thing going, but not really worried about last year. It’s in the past.”

This is absolutely the right approach for Henry to take. He crushed it in December. That answered the question about if he has what it takes to be a successful running back in the NFL. Now the question he needs to answer is if he can do it successfully.

Arthur Smith is going to build his offense around Henry and the running game, but also won’t be hesitant to shift that focus if Henry can’t get it done. I am excited to see what a confident Henry can do in 2019.