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Titans News: Predicting the Narrative

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans of Tennessee have a big season coming up. What will the narrative be? Turron Davenport predicts it will be the story of Marcus Mariota, and if he can become a cornerstone of the offense or just another name in the list of disappointing Titans QBs.

Jim Wyatt answers some mailbag questions where some people are still wondering if the QB position is an open competition.

What is the plan for Jeffery Simmons? Get him healthy and then let him dominate.

Adam Humphries and Marcus Mariota are already creating a GREAT rapport. Not a good one, a great one. says that Harold Landry is a big time homegrown player for the Titans in 2019. I would agree, because if Landry can step up and be that impact pass rusher the Titans need from the EDGE group, then your front 7 is going to be dominant when Simmons gets on the field.