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Your Favorite Titans Win Of All Time?

Houston Oilers history is NOT included.

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

While the Titans don’t have the Super Bowl resume of a team like the Patriots, the franchise has certainly had plenty of memorable moments since moving to Nashville, including a Super Bowl appearance and several legendary players such as Steve McNair, Eddie George and Chris Johnson.

So with this in mind, Titans fans most likely remember their favorite win in the franchise’s history. Now, I’m not referring to the time when the team was known as the Houston Oilers, just the Titans (although the time when they were known as the Tennessee Oilers can count I suppose).

So the question for this write up is this: What is your favorite win as a Titans fan and why?

I never grew up a Titans fan so I’m an outsider, but I do have a personal favorite, and that is the Wild Card win at Kansas City in 2017. I, like many people, wrote off any chance the Titans had at winning this one, as the offense struggled all season and the Chiefs seemed like a superior matchup. And based on the first half, it looked like it was coming to fruition, as the Titans trailed 21-3.

And somehow, Tennessee scored 19 unanswered points to steal a victory and move onto the Divisional Round 22-21. So many moments stood out; Mariota throwing a touchdown to himself, his go ahead touchdown to Eric Decker, the turnover on downs on the Chiefs’ last possession, Derrick Henry’s butt avoiding disaster by hitting the ground before he fumbled away a possible touchdown, and—of course—Mariota’s third down block for Henry to seal the victory for the Titans for good.

This was easily one of the greatest postseason upsets I’ve ever seen, and as a silver lining for NFL fans everywhere, it ushered in the Patrick Mahomes era.

I’ve described my favorite Titans win in detail, so now let’s here yours’ in the comment section!