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A.J. Brown invited to NFLPA rookie premiere

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Allan Bell just tweeted that A.J. Brown has been invited to the NFLPA rookie premiere:

That last line there is the key. There are only 40 guys invited to this thing every year. We will get some cool pictures and video from this deal of Brown in his Titans game uniform for (probably) the first time. You will get to see him in his #11 jersey that he will now be wearing after initially choosing #18. 11 is probably a better choice because the last two players to wear 18 here were Rishard Matthews and Kenny Britt. Both guys had some good moments with the franchise, but Matthews quit in the middle of last season because he wasn’t just handed his starting spot, and Kenny Britt got arrested eleventy billion times while he was here.

Ultimately this doesn’t really mean anything, but it is always good to see a Titans player highlighted in an event like this one.