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Titans make post mini-camp roster moves

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

The Titans have made a few tweaks to the back end of the roster after this weekend’s mini-camp. The most notable move was cutting CB Hamp Cheevers. He was a guy that was getting a lot of buzz at having a shot to make the roster. In the end he didn’t even make it until training camp. This is a cautionary tale in falling in love with undrafted free agent rookies.

The rest of the roster moves include the Titans signing DB LaDarius Wiley, DB D’Andre Payne, TE Parker Hesse, DB Kareem Orr, and WR Joe Parker. In addition to waiving Cheevers, they also waived DB Taj-Amir Torres, DB Jonathan Crawford and WR Isaac Zico.

There is always turnover after players get on the field against each other. Jon Robinson will continue to churn the last 6-8 spots on the 90 man roster from now pretty much up until the roster has to be cut down to 53.