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Tennessee Titans 2019 preseason schedule

NFL: Pro Bowl Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans will face a series of NFL blue bloods in the preseason this year. Here is their 2019 preseason schedule:

Week 1: at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 2: vs. New England Patriots

Week 3: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 4: at Chicago Bears

So there are a few cool things here. The first is that the 2nd and 3rd preseason games are at home. Those are the games where you will typically see the most of the starters. That’s good for season ticket holders who have no choice but to buy those tickets.

The second cool thing is that the Patriots game is in week 2. That means there is a pretty good chance that we will get joint practices with them here. I thought it was pretty unlikely to happen if that game was in week 1.

The third is that they week 3 game against the Steelers is a Sunday night football game on NBC. That game will take place at 7:25.