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Report: Titans to face the Patriots at home this preseason

NFL: New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Underhill of The Athletic is reporting that the Titans are on the Patriots preseason schedule this year:

We won’t get the official schedule from the league until the next couple of weeks.

The hope here, for me anyway, is that the Titans and Patriots will end up having joint practices against each other. We know that we won’t get to see many of the regular players in the game, especially if it is the first preseason game. However, if the teams have a couple of practice against each other we would get to see some of Tom Brady going against the Titans defense, and Mike Vrabel matching wits with Bill Belichick. Sign me up!

We all remember how the Titans dismantled the Patriots the last time they came to Nissan Stadium. It would be fun to see that happen again this August, even if it wouldn’t actually count this time.