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Football and Other F Words: LIVE!

April 25th, 2019, from 2:00-5:00 at Corner Pub Downtown!

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We are officially just three weeks away from the first round of the first ever NFL Draft in Nashville, TN and I’m excited to announce that we are going to be hosting a live podcast event and MCM meetup at the Corner Pub Downtown on the opening Thursday of the draft, April 25th. So if you have ever wanted to chastise me in person for my belief that Taywan Taylor can still be a contributor to the Titans offense in 2019, here’s your chance!

In all seriousness though, this website has been great to me over the years and I’d love to get a chance to meet some of you in person and put a face with the user name. My podcast co-host Zach Lyons will give you all the details about the podcast event below, but even if you can’t make it from 2:00-5:00 for that part, we will be hanging out afterwards to watch the draft and find out who the Titans will be taking at 19 so please come by and say hello. Our fearless leader, Jimmy Morris, will be there as well as Justin Graver, SouthTexasTitan, myself, and others from the MCM community.

Take it away ZBo...

Did You Know?: Mike Herndon is a a two ton man-mountain who can palm a medicine ball and who I once saw him scissor kick Angela Landsbury. But he’s also a host of the SB Nation Podcast: Football & Other F Words here on MCM Radio and writes article for during his lunch breaks from making brooms somewhere in Georgia.

The NFL Draft is almost here. While you have already booked your hotels and flights, and maybe even your tour of the Goo Goo Cluster Museum, you will still need something fun to do on day one of the draft! That’s where the guys at Football & Other F Words come in.

No, this isn’t Michael B. Herndon, Esquire. This is Zach, or Zbo, from the Podcast. From 2:00-5:00 PM CT On April 25th, 2019, The Nashville Hooligans will be recording a LIVE show at the Corner Pub Downtown. There will be beer, draft insights, jokes, and good times for everyone who comes down. We have some great guests lined up that you’ll get to meet in person and we will even give listeners a chance to participate in the pod. This is a fantastic way to enjoy downtown while avoiding the packed crowds that are sure to form on Lower Broadway.

We are working extra hard to make it not only fun and enjoyable, but also easily accessible. So we’ve created a handy dandy guide here to help you find us, and buy us beer.

So where is it?

The Corner Pub foolishly allowed us to broadcast from their bar. It really is an amazing place and a huge Nashville Predators bar. It’s located Downtown under the “505 Nashville”. I’ve personally met a few of the bartenders and the general manager, and they’ve been extremely accommodating during the process of getting this set up.

View of Corner Pub from the front entrance. We are going to be set up against the back wall (circled).

As you can see from the picture above, we have that whole back wall. There are only going to be limited seats sectioned off for us right in front of the pod set up, so I advise you guys to come early if you can. However, if you can’t get there til later, don’t fret, they seemed pretty confident they’ll have plenty of space.

Physical Address:

151 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: (615) 920-5808

What to expect?

Expect the LIVE version of what we do on every podcast with one small difference: interaction with a real studio audience! We will start setting up and arriving around 1:00 in the afternoon, Which gives plenty of time for off the air meet and greet if you want to get there a little before 2:00.

We start recording at 2:00 and we will go for three hours with tons of audience interaction as well as a rotating cast of guests so you won’t get tired of listening to the same voices for all three hours. We want to be able to hear you guys laugh, cheer, and boo.

We can go ahead and tell you that we will have Buck Reising from 102.5 The Game Nashville and the Tackling Music City Podcast, Travis Haney from The Athletic Nashville, Turron Davenport from ESPN, Jimmy Morris and Justin Graver from... well... the very website that you’re reading right now (you may have heard of them), and many more. We are constantly working to improve the experience and get more special guests, so stay tuned for that.

We will have ways for you guys to ask us questions and even get on the air. We will also have a menu for our personal drinks and food of choice if you feel so inclined to buy us something. From what I have gathered they will have $5 Pints as a special all day long. Get there as early as you can. will be there will be there as well. You’ve heard me sing poetically about their shirts. Now you get to see them, touch them against your nipples, and buy these iconic shirts. Eric Murphy, shirt maker extraordinaire, will have a table set up so you can buy shirts right there on the spot. He will have his FULL inventory there so there will be plenty of options. This is also the perfect souvenir gift for anyone back at home.

ForTheVille615’s DRAF’TN shirt (pictured above) will be on sale along with some other cool Titans, Predators, and Nashville related apparel.

Don’t forget any “DRAF’TN” shirts you buy, $5 will be donated to LLS Tennessee on behalf of #TeamHutton1045. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

“So what I am doing now is every DRAF’TN shirt gets a $5 donation, but also every order of anything else, so whether it’s a hat, shirt, or 5 shirts that’s another $5. So if somebody bought a DRAF’TN shirt, a hat, and another shirt $10, or if somebody just orders a non draft shirt, and hat, etc. that’s a $5 donation. If somebody buys 3 DRAF’TN shirts, $15.”

— Eric Murphy of ForTheVille615

Also, we highly recommend going onto today (Before April 20th) and purchase your “DRAF’TN” shirt early, and wearing it to the draft like a true American would. USA! USA! USA!

But how do I get there?

Parking in Nashville is not for the faint of heart. It is also not recommended by us here at Football & Other F Words. There’s a few reasons why:

  1. It’s gonna be expensive as hell.
  2. It will be tight spaces
  3. Exiting the structure and getting out of downtown will be time consuming
  4. Same for getting in depending on when you arrive
  5. Navigating road closures
  6. Avoiding drunk pedestrians and scooter riders
  7. Avoiding police checkpoints
  8. Drinking and driving is a big NAH from us.

However, we understand you may choose to ignore all of this sound advice and continue to be an idiot. So, just in case you’re an idiot, here is a handy picture. Addresses are listed for each structure so you can put it in your GPS, Phone, Nav. I highly suggest Waze in Nashville.

Map of available parking around the podcast event.

These are all close enough to ground zero for the draft that I would expect them to fill up fast and be charging some pretty steep “event pricing” rates. Just be prepared.

But, Zbo, I ride share

I’ve already given you the address to Corner Pub, but sometimes it’s easier to get dropped off on the outskirts of a newer established venue. Not many drivers are aware of the newer places and how to get there, in the case I always pick a place right around the corner. Luckily, you have that option here too. Here are two choices I recommend that are close enough for you to walk to:

  • Puckett’s: 500 Church St, Nashville, TN 37219
  • 505 Nashville: 505 Church St, Nashville, TN 37219

The city has now announced the scope of the road closures that will be expected with the draft, but luckily, Corner Pub falls outside of the road closure zone so you should still be able to be dropped off at the door or at the locations listed above.

Here’s some tips. The longer you wait to arrive downtown, the more expensive and harder to find a rideshare it will be. Also, after the draft is completely over, I would wait it out at a bar for a good bit. Don’t be in a rush to get home, even if you drove yourself.

Okay, I am sick of you losers, how do I get to the main stage?

Don’t you worry, lil fella, I have it mapped out for you:

Route from podcast event to main draft stage.

We done

That should be everything that you need to know. We have a website dedicated to the draft event: You can also subscribe to our mailing list, and we are about to do some awesome fan content for you guys on it as well. Follow all of us on Twitter at these accounts:

@FWordsPod — Follow for Vanderpump Rules gifs

@MisterLebowski — Follow to watch Michael Gilliam flirt with Chad Withrow

@MikeMiracles — a Taywan Taylor Fan Account

@InternetKeith — Nihilists Only


We can be found on Google Play, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify. As always, rate, review, and subscribe if you like the pod. It really helps us out a lot and helps others find us.

Our last two episodes have kicked off our draft series as we discuss some of our favorite prospects in the draft along with other Titans topics. Thank you and look forward to seeing you at Corner Pub!