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Titans fans are challenging Browns fans to a charity-off

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Titans advancing to the finals of the Fox Sports NFL Best Fan Base Twitter contest, so let’s change the narrative...

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For the final round of the Fox Sports NFL Best Fan Base contest, we think the best way to prove that the Titans do indeed have the best fan base is to all come together and raise money for charity, specifically via

The Titans pulled off the Internet version of the Music City Miracle on Tuesday when they came back at the last second to defeat #BillsMafia and advance to the finals of the “Best Fan Base” Twitter contest.

Unfortunately, due to the extreme rally made by Titans fans in the closing minutes of the contest, there is now much controversy surrounding this victory, leading many to suspect foul play.

After this tweet, many Titans fans began posting fake screenshots of outrageous Twitter poll vote purchases in the multi-thousands of dollars as a way to troll Bills fans.

In reality, just before the surge in Titans votes, the Predators official account tweeted the link to vote, Will Compton tweeted it to his Washington fan base, and Kenny Vaccaro shared it with his Saints followers. That mass promotion could help explain the huge comeback, regardless of whether or not some caped Titans Twitter vigilantes actually did purchase some votes.

#BillsMafia took great offense to what they viewed as “cheating,” and, to show up Titans fans, they decided to raise money for a Nashville-based children’s foundation, the Nashville Children’s Alliance.

Bills fans donated a total of over $8,000 in a day to this Nashville-based organization.

While we were not thrilled about the accusations, we do respect and appreciate what #BillsMafia has done. They’ve set a great and inspiring example that we would like to follow.

So, in lieu of the Thursday fanbase vote against Cleveland, we are asking Titans faithful to band together and turn this negative energy into something positive by donating to the Tennessee Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This is how we can truly be the “best” fanbase that we can be.

Credit to MCM’s Chris Lawrence, who was the first to come up with this idea.

Our leader Jimmy Morris has teamed up with Jonathan Hutton, of the Midday 180 and Titans Radio, to help our cause. If you’re not aware, Hutton has already partnered with the Tennessee LLS to raise money as part of his fundraising campaign for Man and Woman of the Year.

Thanks to Jimmy and Hutton, we can donate to to keep track of our Titans fans’ contributions.

Matt Neely of the RPO Podcast announced this “competition” with the Browns on his show today, and he has also enlisted the help of Nate Bain. Nate will support our efforts with the Titans official account.

It is unknown at this time if Browns fans will accept our challenge, but we aren’t going to wait for them to get started.

Let’s all join #TeamHutton1045 and show how Titans fans can make a difference beyond a silly Twitter poll.

Once again, the link to donate is