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2019 NFL Draft: Did The Titans Miss Out On A Player You Liked?

Discuss with us who you wish the Titans would’ve drafted!

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I think most of us are pretty solid with what the Titans got out of this year’s draft. I probably would’ve preferred they came away with one more receiver, but hey one is better than none.

With that said, this write up is dedicated to any complaints you have over Tennessee’s draft. If they missed out on a particular player you liked, this is the time to speak up about it. Don’t hold anything back!

With that said, I’ll list mine before I throw this to the comment section.

Part of me wishes the Titans drafted Jerry Tillery—now with the Chargers—over Jeffery Simmons with the 19th overall pick. Nevertheless, I do understand why they made the pick, as Simmons offers plenty of quality as a run stopper and I suppose Mike Vrabel is looking for more of those in his defense.

Ultimately, however, I wanted the Titans to draft JJ Arcega-Whiteside, now with the Eagles, over A.J. Brown. I do think Brown is a good receiver, but JJAW, to me, was a more explosive, consistent option, offering even better route running and ability at contested catches. I guess the Titans saw something in Brown that made them choose him over the rest of the WR class, so now he’s matched up with Corey Davis and Adam Humphries.

Marquise Brown would’ve been another great option, but his injuries probably scared the Titans away (although using that logic it wouldn’t explain why they drafted Simmons). I would’ve loved to see his speed in this offense, but it was not meant to be, unfortunately.

Now that I got that out of my system, it’s time to turn it over to the comment section. Tell us who you feel the Titans may have missed out on and tell us why you feel that way!