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WATCH these Jeffery Simmons highlights to get you HYPE about the Titans first round pick

NFL Draft Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Since I am sure there are some of you here that are not on Twitter*, I wanted to share the thread that Justin Melo just posted over there on Jeffery Simmons. There is no shortage of questions surrounding Simmons with the injury and the off the field incident, but what we don’t have any questions about is Simmons’s ability to make plays of the field. He will be a stud for the Titans once he is 100% healthy.

Don’t believe me? Just take a peak at these plays:

That should put away any thoughts that this guy isn’t a stud on the field. When will he be on the field for the Titans? I’m so glad you asked. Mike wrote a post about that earlier today that laid out the probable timeline for getting him ready to play in 2019.

*If that is you, what are you waiting for? Join Twitter!