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Derrick Henry doesn’t have a prediction for tonight but he trusts Jon Robinson

Derrick Henry is patiently waiting to find out who the Titans will take tonight at 19th overall

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NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Henry isn’t ready to make any bold predictions for tonight, but he is excited to meet his new teammate, whomever he may be.

Many will remember that Henry actually predicted the selection of Rashaan Evans last year, but he wasn’t ready to make another prediction when I spoke to him this morning.

He’s also not about to tell Jon Robinson how to do his job. Here’s what Henry had to say to me this morning when I asked him about that said prediction, and whether or not he had any advice for Robinson when the Titans come on the clock.

“I definitely don’t have a prediction this year (laughs). I don’t have any advice for Jon Robinson. I know he’ll get a great player and do a great job. That’s why he has the job that he has. He does what he does. He’s done a great job building this team. I’m excited to see who he picks up. I know he’ll pick the right person for us. I’m excited to meet my new teammate.”

Henry sounded relaxed when discussing the team’s options at 19th overall, and is fully confident that Robinson will make the right choice, whether the pick comes on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.

Do you have as much faith in Jon Robinson tonight as Derrick Henry clearly does? Leave your opinion in the comments.