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NFL Draft Rumors: Daniel Jeremiah says he’s heard QB Drew Lock to the Titans in the last 24 hours

Could the Titans really take a quarterback at 19?

NCAA Football: Memphis at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s preface this by saying we are deep in the midst of #LyingSZN so every rumor you hear between now and the actual draft must be taken with a massive grain of salt, but... NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah tweeted this morning that he’s heard Missouri quarterback Drew Lock linked to the Titans in the last 24 hours among several other rumors.

Obviously this information is buried within a list of other quarterback related contradictory information that he’s heard so this very well maybe nothing, but it’s interesting that it falls in line with a nugget that Peter King had in his mock draft earlier this week.

Here’s what funny about mock drafts. Sometimes, I hear from a smart GM who says something like: Drew Lock is way too low! Okay, I text back. Who should I give him to? Tennessee. No way, I text. You can’t draft Mariota’s successor yet.

It’s entirely possible — maybe even likely — that both these very plugged in guys are hearing the same lie as the Titans try to create confusion over what they plan to do with the 19th overall pick. It’s also possible that there could be some truth to this. Maybe the Titans are high on Lock and could consider him at 19 if he falls that far.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Lock. His accuracy is suspect and that’s a trait that rarely improves at the NFL level. However, others are much higher. He’s frequently been compared to Patrick Mahomes during this draft cycle (just google their names together and you’ll get a boatload of hits). If I squint hard enough I can see it. Lock is a gunslinger like Mahomes and does some of his best work outside of the structure of the offense. He’s also got a big time arm like Mahomes and can make some of the most breathtaking throws you’ll see on a football field.

Could the Titans think the same thing and sit Lock for a year behind Marcus Mariota much like the Chiefs did with Mahomes and Alex Smith? Ehhh... maybe. I don’t think you can truly rule anything out here, but I’d certainly be surprised if this was true.