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2019 Titans WR Prospect: Emanuel Hall

I’d be down, and he’s a local as well!

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

No this is not a typo, this is my third article I’ve published today. I found a server that would work on my laptop so now I can login to MCM’s dashboard on my laptop instead using my slow computer to do the work.

Anyway, this piece is on Missouri receiver Emanuel Hall, and wouldn’t you know it, he was born in the very state of Tennessee, Franklin to be exact. He went to high school in the same city as well, so he’s what you would call a “hometown kid.”

Hall is 6’3 and and 195 lb. In his final season on Missouri he caught 37 passes for 828 yards and six touchdowns. Not much is known about his date of birth.

For a team in need of a vertical threat, Hall presents another nice option for the Titans if they were to draft him. Let’s take a look at his tape and see what there is to like.


Hall doesn’t BS when it comes to being a vertical threat. Think of him as a second tier version of Marquise Brown, and I consider that a compliment considering how much I love Brown.

On this play, he creates nice separation against soft press. It’s a simple go route but I love how he’s able to create a good amount of distance between him and the corner on this long ball from fellow 2019 prospect Drew Lock.

Caddy To The Lama

This is once again a moment where Hall’s speed and downfield ability come into play. The throw from Lock appears to be a little late, but thankfully he has the arm to get it there. It appears to be slightly under thrown, but Hall is so open that he’s still able to catch this one.


Hall isn’t a spectacular route runner, but he’s not a slouch either. As shown above, he has a decent break on his routes whenever he’s not executing on a straight line, and does appear to have good sideline awareness as shown by his footwork here.

There’s one area of concern for Hall in my opinion, and it’s the same concern I have with Hakeem Butler: Drops. Hall has a decent amount of drops, and it’s the thing the dictates how good of a deep threat he’ll be.


This is not an easy catch to make, but it’s one that Hall should have better eyes on. Granted, it does come from a pass into a very tight window, but with more concentration Hall has a touchdown here. And that’s the big concern I have with Hall’s skill set.

Hall also doesn’t have much experience as an underneath option, which isn’t a dealbreaker in my book, but it doesn’t make him as versatile as a guy like Corey Davis who is actually a more natural fit underneath than people would think. So while I do like Hall, I certainly don’t think he’s a spectacular prospect.

Still, Emmanuel Hall is a good WR prospect in my opinion. He has great vertical speed, decent route running, and in a deep passing heavy offense would be a quality option. I wouldn’t draft him in the first round or in the early stages of day 2, but as a late day two or day three pick I think he’d be the perfect guy to develop.

And while the drops are an issue, I think Hall’s separation offsets that flaw. If it continues in 2018 then there’s reason for concern, but as a mid-round pick I don’t think you’d go wrong with picking Hall. His tape is fun, his style is similar to a guy like DeSean Jackson and I’m excited to see if Tennessee is interested in the hometown prospect.