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Report: Montez Sweat could fall out of the first round

TaxSlayer Bowl - Mississippi State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

There are always things going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about in the NFL Draft. It seems like at least every year there is a player that went in the first round of every mock draft that is still available when day 2 starts. It is starting to sound like that player could be Montez Sweat this year.

Earlier today, Trevor’s other boy, Matt Miller, tweeted this:

We heard after the medical tests at the combine that Sweat had a heart condition that had some teams concerned. He was ultimately cleared to participate in the combine and performed well.

Without this heart condition, whatever it is, Sweat would most likely be a top-15 pick. Now it is starting to sound like he could be available at 19.

HOWEVA, as I mentioned earlier today, you can’t believe most of what you hear this week. This could just be a couple of teams at the end of the first round trying to scare off teams higher in the draft. Who knows....but at least with this one there is some evidence to back up the reported concern.