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2019 NFL draft: Introducing Aaron Monteiro, Boston College’s experienced tackle prospect

Courtesy Boston College Football

If you’re looking for an experienced and battle tested offensive tackle prospect on Day 3, you need to get familiar with Boston College’s Aaron Monteiro.

Monteiro recently spoke exclusively with MCM about how Boston College got him ready for the next level, how coach Steve Addazio has helped him improve his game and why a team should use one of their draft picks on him.

JM: How’s this process been going for you?

AM: I’ve just been keeping myself in shape as of late. The overall process has been pretty awesome. I was training at a facility relatively close to school so that’s been good. I’m actually still in school now, I graduate in May. I’ve been going back and forth between school and training. I’ve been busy but I’ve been enjoying the process.

JM: You’ve spent most of your at time at left tackle for Boston College. Is that where you foresee yourself playing at the next level?

AM: I’d like to stay at left tackle but I’m willing to play wherever I’m needed. Throughout this process, I’ve learned that the more versatile you can be the better. Versatility never hurt anybody. I’m keeping that in my mind as I continue to train for the next level.

JM: You’ve had so many great teammates and coaches. How has Boston College prepared you for what’s next?

AM: We play in the ACC which means we’re always playing against stiff competition. I played against great players every day in practice. I played against great players week in, week out. I feel like I’ve been exposed to a wealth of NFL talent throughout my time at Boston College.

JM: Tell me more about that offensive line room. It’s an interesting group with guys like Chris Lindstrom and Tyler Vrabel.

AM: We decided to put a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. We wanted to be the ones to set the tone in practice. That prepared us both physically and mentally for our games. We did a good job of doing that. Coach [Steve] Addazio is a big offensive line guy. He preached that to us and we ran with it.

JM: How has playing for an offensive line guru like coach Addazio helped elevate your game?

AM: He’s helped me tremendously. He likes to walk around in practice and work with every group but he’s an offensive line guy at heart. He definitely paid some special attention to us. He’s a teacher at heart. I loved playing for him.

JM: How did your Pro Day go?

AM: It went really well. I’m happy with the results. I met with a lot of great teams afterwards. I had an opportunity to showcase my athleticism out there. I think it went really well overall.

JM: Which teams have you met with throughout this process?

AM: I’ve had some great chats. Teams are trying to get to know me better. They’re asking about how I grew up and how I can help their team. The conversations have been pretty basic and straight forward. I met with the Patriots, Ravens and Jaguars at the conclusion of my Pro Day.

JM: In closing, why should a team use one of their draft picks on Aaron Monteiro?

AM: I’ve always pride myself off being a leader and a good example for my teammates. I’ve always given this game everything I have. I realize that if I wanna continue my career and play in the NFL, I have to continue giving this game my all. I’ve learned many lessons at Boston College that will serve me well at the next level. I think I’ve shown that I’m not a kid anymore. I really matured this past season and took ownership of my position. They’re getting somebody who’s gonna play with a lot of energy. I’m never gonna quit.