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Alterraun Verner to sign 1-day contract with Titans and retire

Tennessee Titans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Jim Wyatt announced on Twitter this morning that Alterraun Verner will be signing a 1-day contract with the Titans on Wednesday and then retiring. ATV is one of my favorite players to ever come through this organization. That probably has something to do with the fact that he actually wrote for us at MCM for a while. You can read those posts here.

It was a sad day when Verner left in free agency to join the Buccaneers. ATV wasn’t the same player in Tampa Bay and Miami that he was for the Titans. I still wish they could have worked something out for him to stay here because he thrived in this system.

Mike Reinfeldt didn’t make very many good picks in his time as the GM in Tennessee, but he found a gem in ATV in the 4th round. It is really exciting that he will retire as a member of the Tennessee Titans organization.