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Titans Links: Bradburied

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice-North John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Todd McShay gives the Titans Garrett Bradbury in his latest mock draft. Bradbury at this point is my #1 choice for the Titans if he’s avialable. He brings nastiness and elite mobility to the center position and would give the Titans their best center since Mawae.

The Titan’s defenders are amped to have Dean Pees back in the fold in 2019. Pees was one of the best additions to the team last year, taking advantage of a team with a very good secondary and ILB core. Imagine what he’ll be able to do if the Titans add some pass rushers.

Antonio Brown will likely be traded by Friday per reports. I’d imagine the Raiders are the victors of the Mr. Big Chest sweepstakes, which is disappointing, but it was always going to be hard outbidding those crazy rascals. When you can trade two of the best young players in the NFL at their positions and get older and more expensive while doing so, you got to do it. ranks the teams with the most at stake in free agency. The Titans don’t make the list, but I think they should. It is a make or break season for Mariota and the Titans have A LOT of work to do on offense this offseason.