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NFL free agency 2019: Texans place franchise tag on Jadeveon Clowney

NFL: Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Texans announced earlier today they have place the franchise tag on Jadeveon Clowney:

There is no surprise here. While it was fun to imagine Clowney hitting the open market there was never a real chance that it was going to happen. It is very rare to see a young, talented pass rusher hit the open market. Clowney is no exception.

It would have been nice to see Clowney either join the Titans or leave the division altogether. People made fun of the AFC South for a long time and with good reason. That isn’t the case anymore. This division might be the best in all of football (not that this move really made a huge difference considering he was already in the divison).

The Titans are going to need to add some talent to just stay at the level they were last season. It isn’t going to be easy to win 9 games year in and year out.