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Some Titans podcast listening for you

NFL: Pro Bowl Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You may already know it, but there are a couple of podcasts that are done with people associated with this site. They are Locked on Titans and Football....and other F words. You can find both shows on the podcast platform of your choosing. If you haven’t already, go out and subscribe to both shows.

Terry and I host Locked on Titans. We have done a couple of episodes this past week. The first was reacting to the Paul Kuharsky report about all of the injuries Marcus Mariota suffered in 2018. You can listen to that episode here. We also talked about what the other AFC South teams have done in free agency here. Listen to that one here.

The F words pod is hosted by Mike and his merry band of men. They have done a host of episodes in the last week or so including recapping the Titans free agency (listen here), recapping the AFC in free agency (listen here), and the NFC in free agency (listen here).

Like I said, help all of us out and and subscribe to the shows. We will both have a lot of cool things going on around the upcoming draft, including some live stuff with F words. You won’t want to miss it!