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2019 NFL draft: Introducing Michael Jordan, Ohio State’s jack-of-all-trades offensive line prospect

NCAA Football: Indiana at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

When you’ve started 41 straight games for a powerhouse program such as Ohio State, that’s quite the pride sticker.

That’s exactly what Michael Jordan did for the Buckeyes. A versatile blocker who can play both guard and center, Jordan’s versatility and complete skill set should make him an appealing option for any team looking for help on the interior this April.

Jordan recently spoke exclusively with MCM about his experience at the combine, playing both guard and center and how he feels Ryan Day will do as he tries to fill Urban Meyer’s shoes.

JM: What do you feel is the lasting impression you left on the teams at the combine?

MJ: I think every single team walked away with the impression that I’m a hard worker. I showed them that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win and be successful.

JM: What’s your favorite part about playing on the interior of the offensive line?

MJ: The interior is where all of the physical action goes down. I enjoy being physical. Playing on the interior allows me to get down and dirty and that’s what I love about this game. Football games are won in the trenches. I enjoy playing a role in the outcome of the game.

JM: That’s great. You played guard your first two seasons but then moved to center in 2018. Was that a difficult switch for you?

MJ: I didn’t find that difficult at all. I just had to put my mind to it. Once I did that, I was able to complete the task.

JM: What’s the biggest difference between the two?

MJ: You have to be more vocal while playing center. You’re basically like the second quarterback of the offense. You have to talk a lot. You have to make sure everyone is on the same page. You have to be a good and clear communicator. At guard, you just have to listen and play your role. You’re not talking as much at guard. You just get your assignment and execute.

JM: Which of the two do you think you’ll play at the next level?

MJ: I think I’ll probably play guard.

JM: Do you feel there’s a scheme that fits your style best?

MJ: I feel like I can play in any scheme pretty well. We were pretty versatile at Ohio State. I’m not worried about my ability to adapt to anything. I’m comfortable with that thought.

JM: You’ve had so many great teammates at Ohio State but if you were going to war tomorrow and could only bring one with you, who would you bring and why?

MJ: If you’re talking about war and not football, I’d have to bring my boy Malcolm Pridgeon. Malcolm is like a brother to me. I know I can trust him with anything. I love his passion. I’d do anything for that guy.

JM: That’s awesome. You’re leaving Ohio State as they go through a bit of a transition. How do you think Ryan Day will do as he permanently takes over for Urban Meyer?

MJ: I think coach Day is gonna do an excellent job. He handles everything like a pro. We loved having him around. We saw the potential for him to be a head coach. The guys respect him and he’s full of innovative ideas on offense. Coach Meyer choose him. Whenever coach Meyer chooses somebody, it’s not to be taken lightly. We knew that whoever coach Meyer would choose would get the job done.

JM: That’s awesome. In closing, what kind of impact is Michael Jordan gonna make at the next level?

MJ: I’m gonna bring the right attitude and toughness to the next level. I’m a competitive guy who just wants to help his team win ball games. I love to win. Flat out, I love to win.