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Report: Titans trade for Ryan Tannehill

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have traded for former Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill:

So a lot to unpack here. Cameron Wolfe gives us the terms of the deal:

So the Titans sent a 2020 4th and a 7th this year to the Dolphins. They get a 2019 6th back from the Dolphins. I actually really love this because they didn’t lose a pick in this draft. We have talked a lot about how the Titans need picks this year after only making 4 last year. Pushing the 4th to next year’s draft is a big move.

The Titans also gave Tannehill $7 million for the 2019 season:

The positive here is that Tannehill is big upgrade over Blaine Gabbert (who should be released pretty soon). The 2019 Titans are a team that is built to win with a quarterback that has a rough injury history. Jon Robinson has now made sure there isn’t a huge drop off if Marcus gets hurt again.

The negative here is that people are going to try to make this a QB controversy in training camp. Marcus Mariota is still the clear starter for the Titans.