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Adam Humphries contract breakdown with the Titans

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday it was announced that the Titans signed Adam Humphries to a 4 year $36 million dollar contract. Of course you know that the total number on a contract doesn’t really matter. The only thing that really matter is guaranteed money and how that is structured. Adam Caplan has that breakdown for us:

So if my understanding of NFL contracts is correct, that signing bonus money is spread out against the life of the contract for salary cap purposes. That means that if the Titans were to cut him in the last year of the deal, let’s say, they would have $2.5 million in dead money (assuming that the rest of the guaranteed money is in the first couple of years).

Look, the Titans failed to add a guy that could help them this time last year. Did they pay more than you would have liked for a guy that hasn’t been a touchdown producer? Sure, but having more weapons is always better than having less weapons.