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Titans News: Bleak Options?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrell Williams is the #1 receiver on the free agent market. That makes me a bit squeamish. If I was JRob, and I’m not, I would be trying to acquire someone via trade and then Adam Humphries if the cost is reasonable.

Willie McGinest is a “proud uncle” of Jayon Brown. Jayon is obviously one of the best players on the Titan’s defense and part of one of the best ILB trios in the NFL.

Someone also needs to tell Willie McGinest to STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUH. In McGinest’s top 10 pass rushers to target this offseason, he has somehow put Za’Darius Smith as the 4th best option out there, over Frank Clark. FRANK CLARK. Not to mention he put Dee Ford over Clowney, and neglected to put Bosa on the list at all. I’d say it’s shocking, but all their top 10 lists have been mostly horrible.