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2019 NFL draft: Introducing D’Andre Walker, Georgia’s relentless pass rushing prospect

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Versatility is king in today’s NFL, which makes do-it-all prospects like Georgia’s D’Andre Walker hot commodities on draft weekend.

A physical presence who can line up at multiple spots on defense, Walker has a nonstop motor that makes him a frustrating assignment for ball-carriers and would-be blockers alike.

Walker recently spoke exclusively with MCM about his favorite pass rush moves, which of his Georgia teammates best complimented him, and how Instagram turned him onto an activity he can’t wait to partake in.

JM: You’ve been very versatile for Georgia, playing outside linebacker in multiple schemes, defensive end and even a little middle linebacker. Which do you feel is your position at the next level?

DAW: I would have to say that rushing the passer at outside linebacker from a three point stance is my best fit at the next level.

JM: Do you have a favorite pass rush move?

DAW: I really like using speed to power. I feel like I’m a very powerful pass rusher and I successfully utilize my speed to power move to get to the quarterback.

JM: Say that initial speed to power move is stopped, how do you counter?

DAW: I really like using a long arm move as well. I can push through the shoulder of the offensive tackle with a long arm.

Walker has had success using his long arm move to get to the quarterback.

JM: You pulled out of the Senior Bowl due to a groin injury. How are you feeling?

DAW: My groin injury has been getting better and better with each passing day. I just hate that I had to miss the Senior Bowl because of it. I felt like getting surgery was the best thing for me at the time.

JM: Is there an NFL offensive tackle you’re looking forward to squaring off with some day?

DAW: Orlando Brown Jr. would be a fun one for me. He plays for the Baltimore Ravens now. I remember going up against him during the first football camp I ever attended. He had my number out there. He kinda beat me. I haven’t forgotten that (laughs). That rubbed me the wrong way. I plan on getting some revenge the next time I line up across from him.

JM: The combine is right around the corner. Are you looking forward to any drills in particular?

DAW: I look forward to sitting down and getting a chance to meet every NFL team. I look forward to doing that and giving them a great idea of what kind of player and person I am and how I can help there team at the next level.

JM: You’ve had a lot of great teammates throughout your time at Georgia, but I’m gonna put you on the spot a little bit. If you were headed off to war tomorrow and could only bring one teammate with you, who would you bring and why?

DAW: I would have to say Deandre Baker. He was a cornerback for us, he’s in this draft class as well. When you’re playing against another team, you need somebody who can rush the passer. I’ll take care of that. You also need somebody that can take care things on the back end. Once I get the pressure, the quarterback is gonna force some throws. Deandre Baker is on the back end waiting to pounce on a bad decision from the QB. He’s gonna make an interception and run it back for a touchdown. He’s a hell of a player.

JM: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

DAW: Man, I’m gonna tell you a fun, interesting fact about me. I love monkeys, chimpanzees specifically.

JM: Did you just say you love monkeys, chimpanzees to be exact?

DAW: Yes sir. Chimpanzees are the type of monkeys that I like.

JM: Where did that come from? How did that happen?

DAW: Man, I remember seeing them on Instagram one day. For some reason, I’ve just always wanted to go play with one.

JM: You haven’t had that chance yet?

DAW: No but I’ve seen on Instagram that there are places you can go too to go play with them and spend time with them.

JM: Maybe that’ll be one of the first things you do after you get drafted.

DAW: No, I plan on doing that before I get drafted. I’m not waiting that long (laughs).

JM: I’ve appreciated your time tonight, D’Andre. In closing, why is drafting D’Andre Walker a good decision?

DAW: I just feel like I can help any team at the next level. That’s how I feel going into this draft. I can rush the quarterback from multiple spots, I can stop the run. I have the ability to drop into coverage as well. I’m a very humble young man but at the same time I’m hungry to prove myself at the next level. I’ve been playing football ever since I was a little kid. I’m extremely passionate about it. I love this game and I’ve been playing it my entire life. At this point, it’s pretty much all I really know.