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What’s trending 2/21/19: Topanga’s dad died

The Monkees Starring Mickey Dolenz And Peter Tork In Concert - New York, New York Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

It has been another slow news day for the Titans. I am really ready for them to make some move that gives us something to talk about.

Anyway, here is our look at what’s trending today:

Craig Smith- The Predators placed this guy on IR today. I have no idea if IR means the same thing in hockey as it does in football, but I assume this isn’t good. I just haven’t gotten into this whole hockey thing.

Reggie- This is probably not about Reggie Jackson, but I feel like it should be. It is almost baseball season!

Peter Tork- Apparently he was in The Monkees, but let’s be honest, we all remember him better for being Topanga’s dad on Boy Meets World- which is one of the greatest shows of all time.

Roger Stone- This made me think of the the Audioslave song “Like a Stone.” As 90’s alternative bands go, Audioslave is one of he most underrated.

Bowser- Of course we all think of the Nintendo character, and the funny thing is this has something to do with the president of Nintendo.