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What’s trending: 2/20/19

There was some NFL news today...well, kind of....the Steelers announced they will not tag Le’Veon Bell again. It will be interesting to see what his market is and where he lands, but hey, that’s not what this post is about. Here is what’s trending:

#LoveYourPetDay- The picture above is of my pet. Her name is Aly. She is the best dog because she is really chill.

#ACMawards- This is presumably a country music award show. To sound like old man yelling at the clouds, country music these days is terrible. 90’s country 4 life!

Williamson County- There was a lot of flooding today and Williamson County Schools got out an hour early. We never got out early back when I was in school (more old man yelling at the clouds).

Davidson County- That’s the Nashville school system. They didn’t let out early.

#AdmitMoviesYouveNeverSeen- There are a lot of movies that I haven’t seen because growing up I didn’t watch many movies. I just watched Jaws for the first time ever this past weekend. I guess the most popular movie I have ever seen is Napoleon Dynamite. What is yours?