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Titans News: GOAT Ranks

Oilers v Kings Photo by Mike Powell/Getty Images Ranked the GOATs. Honestly I think their rankings are a mess. Wayne Gretzky is, in my opinion, the GOAT of GOATS. Wayne Gretzky has more assists than the 2nd all time leader in points has... POINTS. Michael Jordan was obviously very good, the GOAT, but LeBron certainly makes that a conversation, and how can you be the #1 GOAT if there’s a possibility that you’re not the GOAT in your sport. Same argument for Pele, as Messi and Ronaldo are the two best players to ever live, not Pele. Phelps and Woods are also far too low as well.

Jonathan Cyprien says that he will “let it all out” when he returns.

Today must be bizarro ranking day, as NFL’s QB pursuit rankings has Case Keenum, RGIII, and Tyrod Taylor as more desirable than Kyler Murray. I am so confused as to why if you were a QB needy team you would take a proven crappy QB over what could be an electric playmaker.

Jim Wyatt answers some Antonio Brown questions for the Titans fans.

Mel Kiper has the Titans selecting Christian Wilkins in the first round. I think JRob is going to absolutely love Wilkins and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be the pick.