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What’s trending: 2/18/19

Mt. Rushmore Closed Due To Government Shutdown Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

This has been a pretty slow news period so we haven’t had enough posts here. With that being said, today marks the return of “What’s Trending.” It’s the daily(ish) post where I go to Twitter and comment on the top 5 trends in Nashville for the day. I will do no research to figure out what the trend is if I don’t know. I will simply make up what I think it is.

With that being said, here is today’s “What’s Trending:”

Presidents Day- The only thing this means to me is that my kids are out of school and traffic is a little bit lighter than normal.

#MondayMotivation- I am sure you can click on this hashtag and see motivation quotes for getting going on a Monday. My Monday motivation is going to work so my family can have food. I am a simple man.

Gold Rush- Apparently this is a downtown Nashville spot that will be closing. I have to wonder if friend of the site Matt Neely will be as upset about this one as he was the other one that closed. I never go downtown so it’s all the same to me.

Gonzaga- No idea why they are trending, but the sustained success of that program is amazing to me.

Jessica Jones- Apparently this was a Marvel series on Netflix. Is it the one that had the girl that OD’d in Breaking Bad? I watched my first ever Marvel movie about a month ago. It was Black Panther and I really liked it. I have also watched Iron Man since then. It was pretty good.

Go Titans!!