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2019 NFL mock draft: How do these people get national media jobs?

NCAA Football: North Dakota at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

I long for the day where the Titans can get good enough that national writers will actually pay attention to them. This isn’t the “WAAAH we need respect” thing Titans’ fans usually yell about. This is the “I am tired of seeing mock drafts during this time of year where people have no idea what the Titans are going to do because they haven’t done any research on the Titans” thing.

Today’s installment comes from Jared Dubin at CBS where he suggests the Titans are going to take a corner, Byron Murphy from Washington, “because they can save $10 million against the cap by cutting Logan Ryan.” I’m sure Murphy is a great player, but the Titans aren’t cutting Ryan and they aren’t drafting a corner in the first round.

You all know how much I hate the suggestion that the Titans are going to draft a tight end in the first round, because they aren’t, but there is a better chance they draft a tight end in the first round than a corner (both have a virtually 0% chance of happening).

So to all of the national people out there, I know mock drafts are the things that drive clicks this time of year. Most of you are just doing them for those clicks without putting much research in on teams that don’t move the national needle (TWSS?), but do us all a favor and spend at least 5 minutes looking at each team before you make a pick for them. That will separate you from the pack and keep you from making a dumb selection for a team like the Titans.