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A Titans win in Oakland might break FanPulse

We have been tracking this FanPulse graph since back before the season started. There have been many ups and downs over the course of the season- not coincidentally just like the play of the field. I voted “meh” in the poll until this week after the win against the Colts. That was the last hurdle I needed to see them get over before being confident again. That puts me in a very scary place.

The percentage of people that said they were confident after the win in week 1 was 89%. This week that number was 75%. There is no reason it shouldn’t go higher than 89% with a win against the Raiders.

This week the Titans have a chance to exorcise another one of their demons- the West Coast. It has not been kind to the Titans over the years. The most recent disaster was in 2017 when they lost in back to back weeks to the Cardinals and 49ers. They left 8-4. They came back 8-6. Can they get over another hurdle this week?