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Titans News: The Playoffs Start Sunday (Kinda)

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are in a win and in scenario on Sunday. That doesn’t mean if they lose all is lost. In order to make the playoffs with a loss they will also need Colts and Steelers losses as well. predicts we win the game. We’ll see.

Ryan Tannehill has a lot he can prove in the kinda playoff game on Sunday. He’s likely to be the Titan starter next year, but this would go further to cement the great season he’s had so far. has the Titans at 11th in the Power Rankings. I think this is still a team that if they get in the playoffs are extremely dangerous.

Last year the Titans lost their do or die Week 17 playoff scenario. Jurrell Casey does not want to repeat history.

Is Derrick Henry back to normal? We’ll see on Sunday.