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Titans vs. Saints open game thread

Where is the confidence level now that we know Derrick Henry won’t be playing today. I talked a little bit about that here. The way it went down is just weird. Hopefully this means he will be much closer to 100% when the Titans travel to Houston to take on the Texans next week.

This game just feels weird now. Of course we want the Titans to win, but it feels like we are all, and maybe the team included, are just ready to fast forward to next week. I know that isn’t the case for the players, but again, the handling of Henry’s status this week makes it feel a little bit that way.

Regardless of how today plays out, there will be meaningful football played in week 17 for the Titans. They do still need help from either the Jets or the Ravens against the Steelers, because if you haven’t already seen this 1,000 times this week, the Titans get in at 9-7 if the Steelers have the same record but not if both are 10-6.

Ryan Tannehill go make yourself some money today!

Use this thread to discuss the game.