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Schefter: Derrick Henry not expected to play against Saints

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter is reporting that Derrick Henry is not expected to play today against the Saints. This comes after the Titans had downgraded him to questionable and added Dalyn Dawkins to the active roster yesterday. Dion Lewis seems to be in line to get a ton of work today.

This whole thing is weird to me. Henry didn’t practice at all last week and played. This week he practiced on Wednesday and was limited on Friday.

Did they decide to hold Henry out after the Texans won yesterday and there was no chance to win the AFC South? That is certainly possible, but there is still a scenario where this game matters. The Titans don’t get in at 8-8 if the Steelers and the Colts are also both 8-8. They would obviously get in at 9-7 in that same scenario.

There is also the whole thing where you aren’t supposed to play these types of games with injury reporting (if they decided to hold him out after the Texans won), but nobody really cares about that.