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Confidence continues to soar in the Titans fanbase

Last week I predicted that a Titans win over the Raiders would send the confidence to the highest point of the season. That mark was achieved at 89% after the win over the Browns way back in week 1. My prediction did not come true as the number after the win in Oakland was 86%. So close!

With all of that being said, there is no way we don’t break 90% with a win over the Texans on Sunday, right? That would put the Titans in first place in the division with just 2 games left to play. I’m not exactly sure the last time the Titans were in first place in the AFC South heading into week 16, but my guess would be that it was back in 2008 when they went 13-3. It has been a very long time!

The best thing about all of this has been that they have been so much fun to watch. While the defense has struggled, mainly because of injuries in the secondary, the offense has been playing lights out. It is so much more fun to watch games where the total ends up in the 50s than the 30s.

The Titans are finally getting a lot of national attention. This is the time in the past where they have been primed for a letdown, but the 2019 version of this team has been putting to rest a lot of the concerns we have seen for so many years.

If they can find a way to clear this hurdle, we might just be talking about a home playoff game come January.