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Titans Football: Where optimism goes to die!

Last week I got some negative feedback for my commentary on the Titans FanPulse graph. Some people can’t see what is obvious, and that’s OK. We will be here for them when the reality of this season sinks in. Together we can push through for a better tomorrow!

The number in this poll jumped to 23% confident after the win over the Chargers. It was at 0% the week before that. It actually dipped to 22% after the win over the Buccaneers. This week it is back at 0%. So did the people that blasted me last week vote that they weren’t confident this week? Maybe they didn’t vote. Remember, if you don’t vote you can’t complain.

If somehow they pull off a win over the Chiefs this graph will probably take another bump next week. My question for you is what would have to happen in this game for you to be confident in the direction of the team going forward? I honestly can’t think of anything.