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For the love, Arthur Smith, feed Derrick Henry on Sunday

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

Last week the Titans faced the Carolina Panthers and their 32nd ranked DVOA rush defense. That seemed like a perfect opportunity to #establishtherun because the Panthers are bad against it and that is #allegedly what this coaching staff wants to do. What actually happened? Derrick Henry got 2 carries in the first half.*

This week the Titans face the Kansas City Chiefs at Nissan Stadium. The Chiefs defense currently ranks 28th DVOA against the run and somewhat surprisingly 4th against the pass. They also rank 31st in schedule adjusted fantasy points allowed to running backs and 6th to wide receivers in the same stat.

Add this to the fact that the Titans defense is suddenly 20th in DVOA against the pass, and it seems like a great time to feed Henry. That is the best way to attack the opposing defense with the added benefit of keeping the most explosive offense in the league off the field.

What will Arthur Smith do? If the last 2 weeks are any indication, he will come out trying to throw the ball all over the yard. Has he learned his lesson? I’ll let you know about about 12:30 on Sunday afternoon.

*There were some extenuating circumstances there with penalties and such, but the game plan still didn’t make any sense.