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Titans News: Early Offense

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Tannehill thinks the Titans should start scoring points earlier and more often. Sage advice from the Titan QB, and advice I would like them to take.

Logan Ryan heaps on the praise for Leshaun Sims who will be stepping in for Malcolm Butler.

The Titans do not have a top flight QB/WR combo says They are definitely not wrong, albeit I think that the Titans have some great receiving targets.

Derrick Henry is #11 in the RB index on

Ben Jones is in concussion protocol and hopefully he recovers before Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

ESPN has the reasons why all 4 teams in the AFC South will win the division and why they won’t. They won’t because of penalties and a bad offense, their chances lie with their defense.