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Titans News: Raising Questions

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive game planning has been suspect this year, and this has been even more evident the past two weeks where the Titans didn’t attack the 32nd ranked pass defense, and then the following week didn’t attack one of the worse run defenses in the NFL with Derrick Henry until the second half. When even Jim Wyatt is agreeing that things have been suspect in his mailbag, you know things are going wrong.

Malcolm Butler lands on the IR in a disappointing situation for the Titans.

The Titans land at 20 on the ESPN power rankings. The team deserves a lower ranking being so consistently awful on offense.

The Titans won a ton of games last year by riding Derrick Henry. Turron Davenport says that the Titans need to do that again. says that Cam Newton could play for the Titans next year. I doubt it.

In the power rankings from the Titans are 23rd. Much more accurate representation of this team.