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Titans 2020 NFL mock draft: It’s all about the quarterback

Could anything be more scary for the Titans than drafting a QB from Oregon that wears #10?

Oregon v USC Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Unfortunately it feels like it is already time to start looking toward the 2020 draft. That is a sad realization when it is just the first week in November. Now, I know that Mike Vrabel said the NFL season doesn’t start until November, but I have confirmed that the season did actually start back in September. (Also, in Vrabel’s world the Titans are off to a horrible start at 0-1 in a game where they looked terrible.)

With all of that being said, we will start to keep an eye on the mock drafts around the internet. Spoiler alert, most of them will have the Titans taking a quarterback in the first round because that is absolutely what they should do. Benjamin Solak did that in his latest mock draft where he had the Titans taking Justin Herbert. Here are Solak’s comments:

Herbert as QB4?! How did we get here?

Well for one, Herbert came back to school, which not only invited the dreaded “not dedicated to football!” outcries from the big NFL heads, but also meant he was no longer the shiny new toy in the bin. Jacob Eason, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow — they each have their strengths over Herbert, and weaknesses too, and until we sit down with All-22 film and parse each throw, it’ll be tough to rank them exactly where they belong. But in that Herbert is old news, he’s declining relatively.

But Herbert remains a first-round worthy selection on his potential, with a rocket arm, good mobility, ideal size, and a solid pre-snap head. Issues with pressure and downfield accuracy remain, but for Tennessee, Herbert has enough tools and college success that they won’t feel too trepidatious at returning to the Oregon well for Mariota’s replacement.

Is it scary to anyone else to draft a quarterback from Oregon that wears #10. That feels (irrationally, I know) like a combination of the last two quarterback draft picks for the Titans that didn’t exactly work out.

There is still a long way to go in the evaluation process, especially for quarterbacks. Who is your favorite guy for the Titans right now?