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Titans News: Gruden With Jealousy

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Many laughed when Jon Gruden was hired by the Raiders prior to last season, myself included. Fast forward a year and a half into his second tenure with the team and he looks to be the one laughing now. He’s running the Oakland offense in the way the Titans organization wants to run their offense, and he’s doing it with much lesser pieces, except for the QB. The Titans have to improve the offense in the offseason, with a new QB, and with a new OC at minimum.

The Titans are sub .500 in their record and in their FG percentage this year, which is just atrocious. Succop and Santos have and were awful and the best kicker thus far is no longer on the roster.

How are you all feeling about the team, what would you like to see changed in season, and after the season?