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Titans News: Same Old Titans

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Another slow star, another loss, your Titans are now 4-5 and hopeless. Looking at the remaining schedule it wouldn’t be shocking if the Titans lose out, and as I’ve said before, losing games might be the best for this team as you are probably guaranteed a reset at at least OC and QB.

In the postgame presser PK asks what the game plan was and Vrabel’s reply was, “same as it always is, get the run game going, get to play action”. This should be a fireable remark (overexaggerating slightly). The game plan shouldn’t be the same from opponent to opponent. This is how you get the game plan from last week against the worst pass defense in the NFL.

I’m also tired of hearing that the team needs a sense of urgency in everything that the team does, and they need to be more consistent. After 2 years of this inconsistency it’s fair to question the leadership of the football team, in Mike Vrabel. Mike hired Arthur Smith, who has turned out to be a disaster of an offensive coordinator, as the orchestrator of an offense that has failed to score in 4 of the 1st halves this season, absolutely unacceptable.

How Dion Lewis was the focal point of of the Titan offense in the 1st half, and Derrick Henry had only 2 rushes in that half is a fireable offense. What is this team doing?

Joe Rexrode writes that “Vrabel said two carries for Henry in the first half is ‘just kind of the way the game unfolded’” and also notes that the Panthers, and other teams with stud players, force feed their stud players because good things happen when you do that. It is stunning that this team doesn’t understand the value of getting a guy like Henry the ball over Dion, or Davis/AJB the ball more frequently.

Malcolm Butler has a broken wrist and that is a huge loss for the Titans. Butler has been excellent this year, and losing him is going to be hard for the defense. Time for Jackson to step up.