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A win on Sunday will have Titans’ confidence at an in-season high. Can they do it?

The peak of confidence in the 2019 Titans came after the week 1 win over the Browns. 89% of you answered that you were confident in the direction of this team after that game. It went on a steady decline after that when it hit 0% twice in weeks 7 and 10. Ouch!

However, things are starting to turn around. This week 66% of fans said they were confident in the direction this team is headed. That number should grow even larger if the Titans can knock off the Colts in Indianapolis on Sunday. A win there, combined with a loss from the Texans to the Patriots, would put the Titans in a tie for first place in the division. That would set up a really fun last month with 2 games still remaining against those Texans.

Of course we know that is getting ahead of ourselves. This is a classic spot for the Titans to let us down. Here is their chance to prove they are different that the teams we have seen over the last couple of years. I’m cautiously optimistic that this team has turned that corner, and, of course, that terrifies me.

How are you feeling about Sunday?