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Three Things We Learned From The Titans’ Blowout Victory Against The Jaguars


NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It’s kind of hard to believe how good the Titans offense has been as of late. You rarely expect a team like that to stay with the Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs, but even rarer is being able to score 35+ points for a second straight game! I certainly don’t remember these Titans, but I welcome the change of pace.

Tennessee took care of business with ease, giving the Jaguars a beatdown consisting of a final score of 42-20, including 28 third quarter points! It’s the Titans’ fifth win against the Jaguars in their last six matchups, and a fantastic revenge game after suffering a 20-7 defeat in Week 3.

So...what did we learn from the team’s signature game of the season? Besides the fact that it was really fun? Well let’s take a look at three things to keep in mind going forward with this Titans team.

This Is Ryan Tannehill’s Breakout Season(?)

Ryan Tannehill has been the butt of many jokes in the past for being a potential “breakout candidate” but never putting up the numbers expected of him. But suddenly he’s having the best stretch of his career statistically, completing over 71% of his passes for 1,276 yards, 10 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and a passer rating rating of 114.9 in his five starts in Tennessee. He’s also added 119 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground.

Tannehill has given the Titans offense Marcus Mariota could not in 2019, giving them a greater level of consistency than we’ve been used to. And best of all, Tannehill’s been fun to watch!

You’d prefer your franchise/franchise bridge QB not concuss himself on plays like this, but Tannehill escapes that possibility and wrecks corner Tre Herndon (who also escapes a concussion, don’t worry) on this sensational touchdown run. Tannehill added 2 touchdowns in the air and two on the ground to go for a huge day in Nashville.

Derrick Henry Still Owns The Jaguars

With 347 rushing yards and four touchdowns in his last two games, Derrick Henry is piecing together his best and most efficient season yet in a contract year. He’s also at his best against the Jaguars; In 8 career games he’s put up 714 yards on 133 carries (5.37 yards per attempt) and 9 touchdowns.

Henry was able to add another memorable run to his collection of Jaguar killing plays.

How Henry is able to tightrope the sideline while stiff arming defenders is beyond me, but he keeps incredible balance while putting the game out of reach in a quarter where the Titans had yet to score 14 more points! Many fans are calling for Henry to be extended, and with games like this it’s getting harder and harder for Tennessee to say no.

The Titans Have A High Ceiling And Are Establishing A Floor(???)

With Mariota at QB, the Titans only averaged 16.3 points per game (11.0 if you take out the blowout victory at Cleveland, who also scored a 40 burger themselves this week) and looked to be the laughing stock of the AFC South. Since making the switch to Tannehill, however, they’ve won four of their last five games and have put up 29.4 points per game.

The more explosive offense has allowed us to relax to a degree about the team as a whole, so we can comfortably watch players like Harold Landry ball out on defense.

Landry has put up 8 sacks on the season, being well on pace to hit double digits in his sophomore season. This Honor Roll sack on Nick Foles should rank as one of his very best. The quickness and speed catch Foles off guard, leaving him helpless to the end result.

I still have skepticism as to whether this team can finally beat the Colts (as we all do), but at least the high power offense is more encouraging. With that said, what did you learn from this game? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!