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What will the Titans fan confidence graph look like in 2 weeks?

You can obviously track the ups and downs of the Titans season on the graph above. It won’t surprise anyone that, for the most part, confidence goes up after a win and down after a loss. That is human nature, and we have talked about it every week.

The real story for the Titans season is the next 2 weeks. The AFC South is there for them to take, but they cannot afford to lose either of these next 2 games. With wins in both games you can expect this graph to move up into the 75% range. That would put the Titans at 7-5 and probably first place in the division with 2 games against the Texans on tap.

A loss in either of those games, or heaven-forbid both, and this graph may drop below the 0% line. I don’t even want to imagine what 2 losses would do to this already fractured fanbase.