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Titans News: ALL RISE

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee TItans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Harold Landry has been the Titans best pass rusher this year, and also their best pass rusher in a long while. Landry seems like a guy that has really taken to the coaching that Shane Bowen and Mike Vrabel have given him, and its showing on the field. I expect every one of you to cheer “ALL RISE” every time the Honorable Landry gets a sack, which has happened quite frequently this season. The field is his courtroom and he’s sentencing QBs to a down in the grass.

How can you tell if Derrick Henry is going for a big play? Well, just look at his eyes. Like in the famous photo from last year, Derrick Henry’s eyes literally get big when he sees a lane for him to take off.

Khari Blasingame is returning to Nashville after playing at Vanderbilt. Hopefully he makes an impact on the Titans.