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What made you become a Titans fan?

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee TItans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Titans fanbase has to be the most divided fanbase in the NFL. There is so much in-fighting that goes on. It is honestly a little bit crazy. It is time to put an end to all of that and get ready for a stretch run that could end up being really fun.

That brings me to the point of this post. I thought it would be fun if everyone here commented on what it was that made them become a Titans fan. That should be something that can bring us all together, right....right?

This is easy for me. I have lived in Nashville all my life and was in high school when the team came to town. I have to admit that I didn’t care that much about them when they were playing in Memphis, but really started following the team when they played the one season at Vanderbilt as the Tennessee Oilers. It was fun to have a team here, but it was nothing compared to the magic of 1999. That was when I became an elite (sorry, had to) die hard fan of this team.

I will never forget my first game at Adelphia Coliseum. It was the Thursday night game against the Raiders in 1999. Eddie George ran for 199 yards that night. You could hear the EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! chants in Bell Buckle. I left the stadium that night feeling like this team had something special.

The rest is history of course. The Music City Miracle. Eddie watching himself run into the end zone on the jumbotron against the Colts in the playoffs. Derrick Mason’s kickoff return in Jacksonville. The final drive of the Super Bowl that, although it ended a yard short, is still one of my favorite memories from high school with at least 45 people from my high school class watching it together and yelling at everyone to get back in the exact same spot after every play of the final few minutes. I was hooked.

What was it that made you become a fan? Let’s push this out on Twitter everywhere we can to get these stories going instead of all of the garbage that is happening right now.