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Titans News: Team Having Fun

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee TItans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Ryan Tannehill is having a blast playing for the Titans, and he should be. He’s been highly effective for the Titans and is not taking anything for granted. He gets a Jaguars team on Sunday that sacked Mariota 9 times in their first meeting this year.

Delanie Walker was limited during Wednesday’s practice, but Casey, Brown, and Corey Davis were all full go. It’ll be great to get those 3 guys back at minimum.

Who are the most important RBs down the stretch? Well that would be Derrick Henry, no? MJD thinks its McCaffrey, which is fine, but Henry is absolutely vital to the Titans’ playoff chances.

The Titans don’t have a comeback player of the year candidate, unless you count Ryan Tannehill, and if the Titans make the playoffs, he should be in the conversation. Going into the year, I thought Delanie Walker would have a good shot at the award, but he hasn’t played enough, or effectively enough to win.

Who is in the MVP race? Personally I think it is a two man race between Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson, and I’d give Wilson the edge at this point because he’s doing it in an offense not suited for his skills.

Who is your NFL MVP at this point? Who is your Titans MVP?